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Our company

CAMAC-MINOR HOISTS is specialized in manufacturing mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms, material hoists and passenger lifts, as well as other auxiliary equipment for the construction market such us our emblematic wire hoists range “Minor”.

All products are produced according to European Union regulations, under ISO 9001 quality system. Therefore the correct phases of elaboration of the products are guaranteed.

As a modern and progressive company, CAMAC-MINOR HOISTS is aware of the importance of offering good advice through its distributors and after-sales services, keeping oriented to the proper training of its collaborators.

CAMAC-MINOR HOISTS permanently earmarks an important part of its profits for the research, development and innovation of new processes and products, with the aim of designing efficient machines, oriented to the current different construction systems.

CAMAC-MINOR HOISTS has an enthusiastic managing team, with a strong background and large business experience. The whole technical and productive team has been extensively trained in his abilities. All this allows to giving flexible solutions to the challenges of an exigent market in continuous development.

CAMAC-MINOR HOISTS has a long history as manufacturer of construction equipment. In the 60s had a consolidated position in Spain as a leader in manufacturing concrete mixers and wire hoists. In the following decades CAMAC-MINOR HOISTS developed the widest and most complete range among the lifting equipment for the construction market.

In the 90s CAMAC-MINOR HOISTS made an important qualitative leap, with the introduction of the new range of rack&pinion lifting equipment, according to the growing demand of this product in the most advanced markets in construction techniques and also facing a new challenge: The international expansion.

Nowadays, with more than 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing construction equipment, CAMAC-MINOR HOISTS has consolidated its position as a leading company in lifting equipment, with a strong presence in the international markets.