ASSEMBLY AND USE VIDEO CAMAC Ladder Hoists have a modular aluminum structure, where its basket or platform moves along in a safe way, powered by a driving group installed on ground. They are provided with an emergency brake, which gets activated in case of lifting cable breakage. Our traditional model, with capacity 200Kg, single-phase tension and maximum height in inclined position of 20m, has been supplied for more than two decades in the refurbishing market, mostly to lift materials onto roofs and terraces. CAMAC has launched a new and lighter model, with capacity 150Kg, aluminum mast sections of 2m and a maximum height in inclined position of 15m. This model is designed for light works and for lifting solar panels onto roofs and terraces. Driving group wheels enable a fast and easy placement in any installation. Its modular design permits to be transported in a van. CAMAC Lader Hoist is a machine of fast and easy assembly, which permits to speed up the lifting of solar panels in a safe and comfortable way. It also helps to avoid the possible crane rental costs or public way cuts. More information: